Michele Meister


Decorative Arts

Monotype Printmaking

I was born in 1956 on a 100 acre farm in southern Illinois.

My earliest memories of childhood are impressions of color and movement. Flowing fields of wheat, the sounds of insects, the incredible contrast of sky and earth. My connection to the land was molded by this early experience and permanently became the lens through which I view the world. Full Artist Resumé

My most personal feelings of wholeness, perhaps ”centeredness”, occur when I am outdoors, in nature. It is that catch in your throat beautiful twilight. The incredible, feverish summer fields alive with sound. The pale ghostly moonlight. The mysterious marsh enveloped in fog. I attempt, in my monotypes and paintings, to create mood, mystery and atmosphere. The feeling of light and movement. To perhaps capture the somewhat timeless, thoughtful, reflective nature of my distant memories and impressions. When I am successful at this, I am fortunate to share it with my viewers.

My work is in the permanent collection of the Boston Public Library print room and was recently featured in the major motion picture “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock. I create my monotypes using zinc etching plates and artists oils. Most of my images are printed multiple times to create mood and atmosphere.

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I received my formal education as a classically trained artist.

I received my BFA in 1978 and opened my decorative arts business in 1985. I have participated in numerous Designer Show Houses in Boston and on Cape Cod and my work has been featured in House Beautiful, House and Garden, Design New England and New England Home. Contracting Inquiries

Working closely with designers and architects, I consult on colors, techniques and possible finishes. The process evolves from preliminary meetings, to a wide range of finished samples, to execution of the completed project. This way, my clients always know exactly what to expect at each stage and what the results will be. With 31 years experience, I am able to offer an extensive array of finishes and techniques which are my own creations. Custom wall glazes, one-of-a- kind painted furniture, faux stone effects and a variety of antique finishes are just a few of the products and services that I am able to offer. My strong sense of color, ability to listen to my clients and pride and attention to craftsmanship have given me loyal repeat customers and long relationships with designers from Boston, San Francisco, Connecticut and the Cape. The greatest compliment to me is that the designers that I work with use me in their private homes. Each project is different and I receive great satisfaction in transforming a space into a personal statement for each of my clients' homes.

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